Sankashti Chaturthi: Lord Ganesha worship, Ganpati Images

Sankashti Chaturthi:

Worship Lord Ganesha for children and wealth

Lord Ganesha

Sankashti Chaturthi: This fast of Lord Ganesha does not allow a shortage of money including the attainment of children, it is necessary to read or hear the story of Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi fast during the worship of Lord Shri Ganesh on any Chaturthi of the month. It is also known as Sakat Chauth. On this day, people worship Lord Ganesha to get rid of sorrows and sufferings and observe this fast after observing the moon by observing a fast. It is also believed that by observing this fast, all the sorrows of a human being are destroyed, by doing this fast, women get child happiness. Fasting on Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi removes the misfortune in the family, stops working for many days, and Lord Shri Ganesha provides unlimited happiness. On this day, Lord Ganesha is offered Durva. Because Durva is very dear to Lord Ganesha and it is considered as the abode of nectar. You do not have to face any health-related problems by offering Ganesh Ji to Sankashti Chaturthi. On the day of Sankti Ganesh Chaturthi, worship of Shri Ganesha is done by the method of law and a fast is observed systematically.

Sankashti Chaturthi is considered very auspicious if it falls on Tuesday or Saturday. This year, due to Sankashti Chaturthi on Saturday, Ganesh must be offered Shami leaves at the time of worship, he will be very happy. With this, you will get success in everything from all your spoiled work and all your wishes will be fulfilled soon.

Worship Lord Ganesha like this

On this day, wake up in the Brahma Muhurta and take a bath and wear clean clothes. Now put a red cloth on the outpost and install a Ganesh idol on it and install the Kalash. Add whole turmeric, durva, coins, water, and Ganges water to the urn.
Now offer fruits, flowers to Lord Ganesha and offer laddus as well as chant Om Gan Ganpataye Nam: Mantra, recite the Katha, followed by aarti of Lord Ganpati, and keep fast for the whole day.
Worship Ganesh Ji at the time of evening. Offer them flowers, intact, sandalwood, incense lamps, myrrh, and Shami leaves. Then offer them 21 Durva and offer 21 laddus. Along with this, listen to the story of Sankashti Chaturthi fast and perform the aarti of God.

Come read the story….

Ganesha Story:

According to the mythological and popular Shri Ganesh Katha, once the gods were engulfed in many disasters. Then he came to Lord Shiva seeking help. Kartikeya and Ganeshji were also sitting with Shiva at that time. Hearing the talk of the Gods, Shiva asked Kartikeya and Ganesh Ji, which one of you can relieve the sufferings of the Gods. Then both Karthikeya and Ganesha declared themselves capable of this task.
On this, Lord Shiva took the test of both of them and said that the first of the two of you will revolve around the earth, he will go to help the gods.
On hearing this word from Lord Shiva's mouth, Kartikeya sat on his vehicle peacock and went out to revolve around the earth, but Ganesha got into thinking that if he would climb the rat and revolve the whole earth, it would take him a long time. . Then he thought of a solution. Ganesha got up from his place and sat back, revolving around his parents seven times. Upon returning to the parikrama, Karthikeya began to call himself the winner. Shiva then asked Shree Ganesh the reason for not revolving around the earth.
Then Ganesh said- 'All the people are at the feet of the parents'. Hearing this, Lord Shiva ordered Ganesha to remove the distress of the gods. In this way, Lord Shiva blessed Ganesha that on the day of Chaturthi, who will worship you and offer the moon in the night, all the three temperatures i.e. physical temperature, divine temperature, and physical temperature will be removed.
By observing this fast, all kinds of sorrows of the fast will be removed and he will get the physical pleasures of life. Human happiness and prosperity will increase from all sides. Son and grandson, there will be no shortage of wealth and opulence.
-Now offer the moon in the night. Then remember Ganesha and express your desire to him. In the end, distribute the Prasad to all the people and accept it yourself and complete the fast by taking food.
Lord Ganesha

Importance of Sankashti Chaturthi fast

1. In Hinduism, every auspicious work is started in the name of Ganji. Worshiping Lord Ganesha on Sankashti Chaturthi can bring peace and happiness in the house and never lack of money.

2. Anyone who has any trouble with the person or is surrounded by any problem, should observe Ganesh Sankashti Chaturthi fast. In such a situation, with the blessings of Ganesha, all your problems are resolved.

3. Apart from this, all the problems going on in life come to an end. The person possessing Sankashti Chaturthi fast increases the glory in the world

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