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Lord of Wisdom Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Every person who believes in the world Hindu religion and culture has settled in the mind that before starting any work, it comes out of the mouth that "Let us begin". What is the greatness of this son of Shiva-Parvati that he is considered to be worshiper, to be considered?  Legend has it that Sage Ganesh was the ultimate devotee of parents. Once all the gods gathered to test the power of their vehicles, but Ganesha was confused because the examination was about who would complete the circumambulation of the entire universe. How would this be possible with a small rodent? As soon as the race started, the very wise Ganeshji bowed down to his parents, Shiva-Parvati Ji and praised him, and came first in the competition.

Lord Ganesha

The reasoning behind this is that the parents are the idolatrous universe and all the pilgrimages reside in them. Also, if those parents themselves are Tripurari Shivji and Mother-Parvati, then what to say. Sampoorna Dev Mandal was said to be a saint-monk on this answer and he got a boon from his parents to be "worshiped" in all the pujas/rituals. It was a boon earned based on his wisdom skills.

Lord Ganesha

There is no obstacle in the method started by worshiping Lord Ganesha because he can mitigate every obstacle with his wisdom and tact. The establishment of Shriganesh becomes the surest guarantee of the success of the procedure. This story not only shows the wisdom skills of Ganesha but also his unique mother-father devotion.

Many mythological stories depicting the greatness of Sriganesh are available in Vedic literature. When Maharishi Veda-Vyasa got the idea to script the story of "Mahabharata", Adi Dev Brahmaji proposed the name of the supreme scholar Shriganesh.

On this, a condition was laid by him that he would write a story when his writing did not have to be stopped at the time of writing. Earlier, the traditional method was memorized but "Jai Samhita", which is called "Mahabharata", is the first scripted story, so it is clear that Parvatiputra is the initiator of the tradition of writing in Arya literature. Similarly, it is also believed that during the month of Bhadrapada, on the Shukla Paksha, the sighter of the Moon has a stigma of theft. Sri Krishna was also affected by this, it is prevalent in the Lokmat, but if it happens in error, then Vighneshwar is also diagnosed with it. It is said that worshiping Lord Ganesha with twelve names helps to protect against this stigma. 

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