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The god filled with love for humanity,
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Lord Ganesha


Lord Ganesha holds a very important place in Hinduism. They are commonly worshiped as a deterrent to obstacles. All those people, who wish to fulfill their ambitions and are grateful, are advised to worship them. Any religious activity begins with the worship of Lord Ganesha. He is the most favorite of all the gods. His wives are Riddhi and Siddhi. It is said that Ganesha was the creation of Goddess Parvati. How Lord Shree Ganesh became the first worshiper Once when Lord Ganesha got the status of being the first worshiper, then all the gods got angry. All the angry gods went to Lord Vishnu. And Lord Vishnu brought everyone to Mahadev, the god of gods. Taking out the middle path, Mahadev said that, whoever goes around the whole universe and comes first, will be declared the first worshiper. All the gods including Kumar Karthikeya, Devaraja went to revolve the whole universe. Mother Parvati became very upset that her son would be able to climb the small rat and revolve around the whole universe. All the gods were convinced that Ganesha would never win. Lord Shri Ganesh, the God of wisdom and knowledge, asked Father Mahadev and Mother Parvati to sit together. Then began to revolve around the parents. And the first came around by circling first. When asked why he did this, everyone was dumbfounded and shocked to hear his answer. He said that for me, father Mahadev and mother Parvati are the whole world. Seeing his cleverness and reasoning power, everyone was surprised and happily accepted him first.

Why did Ganesha hit the elephant's head?

The big head of the elephant is a symbol of wisdom, understanding, and prudent intelligence which must be there to achieve perfection in life. The wide mouth represents the natural human desire to enjoy life within the world. Big ears indicate that an ideal person is one who has a great ability to listen to others and assimilate ideas.


The elephant has two teeth, one fragmented and the other unbroken. The two teeth represent two aspects of human personality, knowledge, and emotion. The right tooth represents wisdom and the left tooth represents emotion. The broken left tooth conveys the idea that one must conquer emotions with wisdom to achieve perfection.

Elephant trunk

While an elephant trunk can uproot a tree on one side, it can also lift a needle from the ground on the other side. Likewise, the human mind must be sufficiently strong to cope with the ups and downs of the outer world and must also be present to explore the subtle worlds of the inner world.

Elephant eyes

Elephant's eyes are very small. Elephant's eyes symbolize the thought that albeit an individual is sort of big in wealth and intelligence, he should consider others bigger and better than himself. We have to find out the way to achieve this humility.

Symbol of naturalness

Lord Ganesha

The elephant symbolizes both 'Gyan Shakti' and 'Karma Shakti'. The main qualities of an elephant are - intelligence and spontaneity. The giant head of an elephant may be a sign of wisdom and knowledge. Elephants never escape the obstacles, nor do they stop them. They only remove them from their path and move on - this is a sign of spontaneity. Therefore, once we worship Lord Ganesha, these qualities are awakened within us.

The conclusion

Lord Ganesha is one of the major deities of Hinduism. He is worshiped all over the world. He has many names: Ganapati means, the deity (deity) of all the ganas, Akhurth means those who have a mouse as their charioteer, Chaturbhuj means four arms, Durja means invincible God, and Vighnahara mean obstacles. Prevention of. He is the disturber who removes all obstacles.

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