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Brief knowledge  for The Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

1. Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati. His automobile is a mouse named Dink. Being the lord of the ganas, he additionally has the call Ganapati. In astrology, he's taken into consideration the deity of Ketu and anything method of the sector, his grasp is Shri Ganesha. He is likewise referred to as Gajanan because of having an elephant-like head. According to Hindu scriptures, Ganesh Ji's call is first to be worshiped. Therefore, they may be additionally referred to as prima facies. The network worshiping Ganesha is referred to as Ganapatya.

2. Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

The God of Powers, Abilities, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, arts, and Skill Ganesha possesses the traditional bodily attributes of the Hindu gods, which includes superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, endurance, resistance to harm, and enchanted longevity; He does now no longer die he's everlasting with the aid of using the boon of Trimurti and different Gods after the elephant head became joined to him. He became a divine entity, Ganesha has no existence cycle or loss of lifelike humans, animals, plants, or like a number of the avatars of Gods(Krishna, Rama, Hiranyakasyapu and Hiranyaksa (incarnation of Jaya and Vijaya)

3. Lord Ganesha symbolizes: 

lord ganesha symbolism

  • Big Elephant Head (Think Big, Learn more, Use intellect to full potential),
  • Trident mark on forehead (Represent present past and future)
  • Small Eyes (Concentrate), 
  • Large Ears (Listen to More),
  • Broken tusk (Sacrifice is needed for the pursuit of wisdom) 
  • Axe (To Protect and To Cut Off All Bond Of Attachment), 
  • Rope (To Pull You Nearer To The Highest Goal), 
  • Small Mouth (Talk Less), 
  • Trunk (High Efficiency And Adaptability), 
  • Open palm (Gesture of blessing)
  • Lage stomach (Digest all good and bad happen in life)
  • A bowl of Ladoo (Rewards of hard work are sweetest things)
  • Mouse image of expertise, scrutiny, discovery, and organization
  • Prasad (Giving and sharing)

4. Elephant the appearance of Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

The tale is typical. Elephant appearance of Lord Ganesha: It is stated that Lord Ganesha's mother, Goddess Parvati, carved an idol of a boy out of turmeric powder and breathed existence into it, unbeknownst to her husband, Lord Shiva.

So, whilst Ganesha denied Lord Shiva access into his homestead--due to the fact Goddess Parvati became bathing inside--Shiva decapitated Ganesha's head in anger. According to legend, an elephant became the primary animal that Lord Brahma later observed whilst he went out to search for one to update Ganesha's

5. Lord Ganesha birth: 

Lord Ganesha birth

Goddess Parvati created Ganeshaa’s body while not parturition to Ganesha. Ganesha's face was normal at that point. After the creation of Ganesha within the bath of Mata Parvati, Mata ordered her to protect the house. The mother said that Ganesha shouldn't let anyone enter the house while she is taking bath. Then Lord Shankar came to the door and said, "Son, this is often my house, let me enter." When Ganesha stopped, Prabhu severed Ganesha's head from the torso. Goddess Parvati got distraught seeing Ganesha lying lifeless within the land. Then Shiva realized his error and put a head of Gaja on Ganeshaa's torso. He got the boon of first worship which is why Ganesha is worshiped first.

6. Lord Ganesha the god: 

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha, additionally spelled Ganesh, additionally referred to as Ganapati, elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings, who's historically worshipped earlier than any principal employer and is the purchaser of intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors. ... Like a rat and prefer an elephant, Ganesha is a remover of boundaries and obstacles.

7. 12 names of Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

Vakratunda (Aries), Ekadanta (Taurus), Krishna Paksha (Gemini), Gajavaktra (Cancer), Lambodara (Leo), Vikata (Virgo), Vighnaraja (Libra), Dhoomravarna (Scorpio), Balachandra (Sagittarius), Vinayaka (Capricorn), Ganapati (Aquarius), Gajanana (Pisces)

8. Another call of Lord Ganesh: 

Lord Ganesh

Vignharta, Gajanana, Lambodara, Vinayaka, Ekdant, Vikata, Sumukh, Bhalchandra, Umaputra, Gajamukha, Lambodara, Harasuna, Shurpakarna, Vakratunda

9. Lord Ganesha the god of right success: 

Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesha a few of the diverse effective Hindu Gods are stated to be the god of prosperity and wealth. Lord Ganesha brings the right success and as a result, he's worshipped earlier than whatever new is started. Ganesha idols and statues are of brilliant importance to human beings around the sector and as a result, are in brilliant demand.

10. Significance of Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is the God of wealth, sciences, knowledge, expertise, and prosperity and that is why the Hindus recollect him and are seeking his benefits earlier than beginning any crucial paintings

11. Lord Ganesha characteristics:

Lord Ganesha

The 4 arms of Lord Ganesha constitute the 4 internal attributes of the diffused frame, this is: thoughts (Manas), mind (Buddhi), ego (Ahamkara), and conditioned conscience (Chitta). Lord Ganesha represents the natural consciousness - the Atman - which allows those 4 attributes to feature in us.  

12. Leadership tendencies are we able to analyze from Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

Big Elephant Head (wide questioning and expertise) Big Head of Lord Ganesha represents massive questioning and enlightened thoughts full of expertise and KnowledgeSmall Eyes (Focused Vision) Big Ears (Good Listener) Trunk (Careful and Alert ) Big stomach (Absorb the entirety and Adjust) Broken Tusk (Sacrifice)

13. Praying Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

First, we ought to take a seat down or stand properly, close our eyes, joint our hand and summon the photo of Lord Ganesha in our thoughts then recite the chant Om Gan Ganpataye Namah

14. Lord Ganesha rides a mouse: 

Lord Ganesha

According to Ganesha Purana, there has been a celestial musician-god named Krauncha. He by accident stepped at the foot of Muni Vamadeva cursed him to end up a mouse. However, after he recovered his mood he promised Krauncha that in the future the gods themselves might bow down earlier than him.

15. Is Lord Ganesha a Vishnu? :

Lord Ganesha Mata Parvati

Lord Ganesha is one of the most important gods in Hinduism who is the destroyer of vanity, pride, and selfishness.

All Hindus worship Ganesha regardless of their religious beliefs, and he is believed to guide and bless his devotees with success.

However, is Lord Ganesh himself of Avatar of any God? If yes, then whose Avatar is Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, or Shiva?  On the other hand, is he not an Avatar of any God? Let us see... The Maha Bhagavat Puran put on the state that Lord Vishnu himself is Ganesha. The story goes that when Vishnu saw Kartika cuddling in the lap of Davee Parvati, he desired to experience the bliss of being the son of Davee Parvati. Parvathy sensed this desire of Vishnu and granted him the boon that he will surely become her son.

Thus, Davee Parvati gave birth to Ganesha, who was none other than Lord Vishnu himself. After Lord Shiva had beheaded Ganesha. He apologized to Lord Vishnu that just as he had beheaded him in the form of Ganesha, a time will come when Vishnu evil incarnate as Shree Krishna. He'll come to battle with Shiva in shonitpura and there the weapon of Krishna will benumb Shiva so that he will be unable to fight further in the battle. Ganesha will equate himself with Vishnu in knowledge, culture, wisdom, and skill.

This is the reason why Ganesha is the second most intelligent being after Lord Vishnu. But many people believe that Ganesha is neither the avatar of Shiva nor Vishnu. He is different from both. Ganesha was created by goddess Parvati and then empowered by Lord Shiva. It's given only in Maha Bhagavat Puran, that Lord Ganesha is the avatar of Vishnu. But in all the other Puran, even Vishnu Puran, it is given that Lord Ganesha is Devi Parvati's Ansh Bhagwat Puran has many fake shlokas and wrong things added during British rule and Mughal empires, even in Vedas and many mantra's. It is clearly given that Lord Ganesha is Devi Parvati Ansh. Lord Ganesh is not Vishnu Tattva, but a Shakti Tattwa. The Lord Ganesha is the same energy that is the reason for this universe. It is the energy from which everything manifests and into which everything will dissolve.

16. Lord Shiva killed Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Shiva killed Lord Ganesha

Lord Shiva, in his rage, killed Lord Ganesh with the aid of using reducing his head. However, he revived him later after seeing Goddess Parvati heartbroken. Lord Shiva,

17. Lakshmi and Ganesha is Worshipped together: 

Lakshmi and Ganesha

Ganesh and Laxmi are worshipped in nearly every Hindu family and office to deliver achievement and prosperity. Ganesh is taken into consideration as the God of expertise and Laxmi the Goddess of wealth. Ganesh pooja alongside Laxmi pooja is carried out to get expertise alongside wealth. Because without expertise, wealth cannot live lengthy with you.

18. Lord Ganesha powers:

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is one of the maximum worshipped deities withinside the Hindu faith and is likewise referred to as Vighnaharta, which method, remover of boundaries. ... He is likewise the primary to be worshipped at some stage in any auspicious event. It is assumed that the benefits of Lord Ganesha are the maximum effective ones

19. Lord Ganesha defeated the demon: 

Lord Ganesha

When Kartikeya had killed Tarkasur, then the king of demons, Shukracharya created Mohasura to kill all of the Gods.

To cast off Mohasura, all of the Gods worshipped Lord Ganesha.

That time, Ganpati took the third avatar of Mahodara. It had a large stomach and rode on a mouse. When the demon's village, Mohasura were given scared and made Mahodara his God.

20. When Ganesha comes withinside the dream: 

Lord Ganesha

So whilst someone desires approximately Lord Ganesha, he can sit up for happiness. When you notice Lord Ganesha to your dream, it may additionally endorse that you can start a brand new mission or have a brand new starting to your private existence. However, he might also seem to your dream to remind you of your pledge which you had undertaken

21. We pray to Lord Ganesha first: 

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the primary god of the Hindu human beings. According to the perception, each painting ought to start after presenting prayers to Ganesha. Thus, human beings comply with this and are seeking the benefits of Lord Ganesha.

22. Lord Ganesha is real: 

Lord Ganesha

Hindu mythology identifies him because the restored son of Parvati and Shiva of the Shaivism way of life, however, he's a pan-Hindu god observed in its diverse traditions. In the Ganapatya way of life of Hinduism, Ganesha is the ideally suited deity.

23. We can analyze from Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

Big Head represents Wisdom, Big Ears are symbolic of the right listening talents Focus from the Eyes, Adaptability from the Trunk,  Removal of horrific from One-Tusk, Large belly represents more endurance,  Not being biased from Axe, Simple living (Humility) from Mouse (Vahana)

24. Lord Ganesha is a God: 

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the god of expertise, prosperity, wealth, make elimination from all boundaries (like sorrow, curse, sin…) that’s why he's referred to as Vighnaharta

25. Powerful Lord Ganesha mantra:

Lord Ganesha mantra

  • Basic Ganpati Mantra “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah”
  • Vakratunda Ganesh Mantra

Vakratunda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Kotti Samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvadaa ||

  • Ganesh Gayatri Mantra

Aum Ekadantaya Viddhamahe, Vakratundaya Dhimahi, Tanno Danti Prachodayat||

  • Namavali Mantras

“Om Ganadhyakhsaya Namah” (Meaning: Ganadhyaksay – Gana method ‘a set’ and ‘Adhyaksh’ method ‘one who's the chief of the group’.) 

“Om Gajananaya Namah” (Meaning: Gajanan right here method One who consists of the elephant head. In Sanskrit, gaj method elephant. This Mantra says that if God can convey the elephant’s head to live on and satisfy his duties, even we ought to position apart our ego and stay our lives dutifully.)

”Om Vignanaashnay Namah” (Meaning: Ganpati is likewise worshiped to get rid of boundaries from one’s existence. Here vigna method boundaries and nashnay imply One who gets rid of boundaries.)

“Om Lambodaraya Namah” ( Meaning: Ganesha is understood to like his meals and has a massive, spherical stomach. ‘Lambodar’ as a result refers to him as a God who has a massive stomach.)

 “Om Sumukhaya Namah” (Meaning: Sumukh method ‘One with a pleasant face’. Lord Ganesha misplaced his head and changed it with that of an elephant’s. However, his right spirit and natural soul shone thru even on his elephant face, and this made his appearance stunning and calm.)

“Om Gajkarnikaya Namah” ( Meaning: Gaj method Elephant and Karnikay method ears. With the elephant’s head and elephant ears, Ganesh became not able to pay attention to the entirety from all sources )

“Om Vikataya Namah” ( Meaning: Here ‘Vikat’ method ‘difficult’ ) 

”Om Vinayakaya Namah” ( Meaning: ‘Vinayaka’ is the call of Ganesha withinside the golden age. Vinayaka method ‘something beneath neath control’ and method ‘the Lord of resolving problems’ )

26. Praying Lord Ganesha To get Lord Ganesha's blessing: 

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha especially likes garlands product of erukku vegetation, a flower local to India. Repeat once in every of Ganesha's mantras. Saying one in every of Ganesha's mantras is one of the quality approaches to worshiping Ganesha. Repeating a mantra will assist deliver us towards Ganesha as he'll offer benefits on us.”

27. The day is ideal for Lord Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha

In North India, the day of Lord Ganesh is Wednesday, however in In southern states and Maharashtra, Ganesh is specifically worshipped on Tuesday. There is a tale in Ganesh Puran which says that after Lord Mangal (the planet the deity who presides over Tuesday) done penance for Ganesh.

28. We can get after Lord Ganesha worship:

Lord Ganesha

  • Prosperity. Everyone desires a healthful and wealthy existence
  • Good fortune
  • Wisdom
  • Destroy all our boundaries
  • We will end up a patient
  • We will end up knowledgeable
  • Our soul will be purified
  • We will have a non-violent existence 

29. Lord Ganesha day in every week: 

Lord Ganesha

Tuesday is devoted to Lord Ganesha, Durga, Goddess Kali, and Lord Hanuman. Most devotees go to Devi and Hanuman shrines. Those folks that rapidly keep away from taking meals containing salt at night. In Hinduism, every day in every week is devoted to a specific deity withinside the Hindu pantheon.

30. Chanting Lord Ganesha mantra: 

Lord Ganesha

To begin reciting the Ganesha Mantra, a devotee ought to shower and carry out a few pranayamas. It is really helpful to copy the chant – “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” for a complete mala or 108 times.

31. Left aspect of the Ganesha trunk is ideal for home: 

Lord Ganesha

The left aspect of Lord Ganesha is assumed to be aligned with and own the characteristics of the Moon, which makes that aspect nonviolent and blissful. Also, that aspect indicates the cloth profits and prosperity and as a result, house owners usually opt for the left-trunk idol as it's miles believed to deliver them prosperity.

32. Keeping Lord Ganesha at home: 

Lord Ganesha

According to Vastu, ideally, the trunk of the sitting Ganesha ought to be tilted closer to his left. This symbolizes happiness and achievement. So, whilst you are available seeking out that quite an idol to get home, ensure which you deliver unique interest to the trunk.

33. Why Lord Ganesha tusk is broken: 

Lord Ganesh

As the legend goes, whilst Ganesha became writing the Mahabharata, the feather he became writing with broke. So, to paste to the situation of writing continuously, Ganesha broke his tusk and wrote with it

Some also are of the perception that Lord Parashurama reduce off one in every of Ganesha's tusks due to the fact he failed to permit him to go into the Shiva homestead and meet Lord Shiva, who became busy praying, in keeping with Lifehacker.

34. Lord Ganesha likes meals: 

Modak is Lord Ganesha's favored pride meal Made with coconut, milk, jaggery, or sugar.

35. Placement Ganesh statue in the home: 

Ganesha Idol ought to usually be located withinside the east or west course of the home, whilst we also can take into account putting it withinside the North-East course. Always recollect keeping away from putting the idol close to a washroom or in opposition to a wall this is without delay connected to the toilet.

36. The day is Lord Ganesha born: 

Ganesh Chaturthi is widely known yearly to mark the delivery of Lord Ganesha, the God of latest beginnings and a sparkling beginning. The competition falls withinside the month of Bhadra, in keeping with the Hindu calendar, and in August/September in keeping with the Gregorian calendar.

37. How can I region Lord Ganesha at the doorway: 

Idols of Lord Ganesha at the doorway or above the front door are a not unusual place function in Indian homes. As a few human beings accept as true that putting Lord Ganesha together along with his again to the residence is inauspicious, so every other statue or photograph of him is located at the internal aspect of the doorway. This, it seems, will make matters all proper.

38. Right trunked Lord Ganesha at home

Well, it is actual that right trunked Ganesha idols aren't best for gifting or home. But, that doesn't imply, we must absolutely keep away from shopping for the right trunked idols. If we're organized to carry out the desired rituals, we can even hold this idol in our pooja

39. Left tusk of Lord Ganesha is broken: 

left, When it appeared like Ganesha became approximately to win, Parshuram threw His ax at Ganesha. Ganesha, however, failed to combat again due to the fact the ax became a present from his father, Lord Shiva. He allowed the ax to hit Him and He acquired it together along with his left tusk which was given chopped off and fell to the ground.

40. Keeping Ganesh idol withinside the bedroom: 

No Bedroom It is cautioned to now no longer region idols in bedrooms. In case, we'd need to, then hold it withinside the northeast course. Also, as in keeping with Vastu, ft ought to now no longer face the idol.

41. Standing Ganesha Idol: 

The sitting posture is right For worshipping in the partitions of your home, an idol of Ganesha in sitting position additionally referred to as the lalitasana is taken into consideration as ideal. Vastu specialists say that the sitting Ganesha represents a peaceful and composed demeanor and encourages a nonviolent surrounding at home

42. Gifting Ganesha idol: 

Gifting idols of Lord Ganesha has ended up pretty famous in the latest times. This is due to the fact Lord Ganesha is referred to as the god of wealth and prosperity. But in keeping with shastras, one ought to keep away from gifting Ganesha's idol to a newly married woman. It is stated that the bride's own circle of relatives loses its financial prosperity if Lord Ganesha's idol is proficient to the bride.

43. Lord Ganesha likes the color: 

The favored color of Lord Ganesha is green and yellow. This is why Lord Ganesha loves the marigold vegetation due to the natural yellow shadeation

44. Flowers that Lord Ganesha likes:

 Red Hibiscus flower, Lord Ganesha is maximumly thrilled whilst his favored crimson vegetation is presented to him. Red vegetation constitutes Mars and Moon, that is why his maximum favored flower is the Red Hibiscus flower and each Ganesh Chaturthi you'll locate his idols are embellished with that vegetation.

45. Lord Ganesha lucky number: 

Lucky number 9 displays affection for assisting others. This lucky number makes Ganesh capable of constructing a comfortable atmosphere, making human beings round snort and experience encouraged. But Ganesh may even be a bit arrogant with a daydreaming attitude.

 46. About Lord Ganesha married: 

On an auspicious day, Lord Ganesha married Riddhi and Siddhi. They have blessed  stunning sons named Sabha and Kshema. His better halves had been his everlasting powers. Riddhi method illumined thoughts, Siddhi method the attainment

47. Lord Ganesha realism: 

Hindu mythology identifies him because the restored son of Parvati and Shiva of the Shaivism way of life, however, he's a pan-Hindu god observed in its diverse traditions. In the Ganapatya way of life of Hinduism, Ganesha is the ideally suited deity.

48. Tulsi isn't presented to Ganesha: 

Something else, tulsi is widely applied in pooja offerings on account that its miles are taken into consideration the maximum sacred plant in India. Tulsi is not presented to Ganesha on account that they maybe related to a shared revile.

49. Durva or Doob the grass is offered to Lord Ganesha: 

Bermuda grass or durva or doob grass or Cynodon dactylon is offered to Lord Ganesha to assuage him. Legend says that Lord Ganesha fought a conflict with Analasura, a demon who attempted to create havoc in heaven. Analasura became a fiery demon who emitted hearthplace from their eyes and burnt the entirety that got here in his way. To defeat him, Lord Ganesha swallowed the demon. As the hearthplace burnt the insides of his frame, Lord Ganesha struggled to locate respite. Finally, a set of sages located gentle durva leaves at the god’s head to chill him down. This straight away cooled the elephant-headed god. It is stated that devotees who worship Lord Ganesha with durva earns his benefits.

50. The shadeation of Ganesha: 

Lord Ganesha is generally portrayed sporting crimson and yellow clothes. Yellow symbolizes purity, peace, auspiciousness, an experience of control, and truthfulness. Red symbolizes the pastime withinside the world

51. We can impress Lord Ganesha: 

Through normal worship ( Becoming press and natural imply the devotee ought to shower), devotion (Meditation of Lord Ganesha), chanting ( Om Gan Ganpatyay Namh ), willpower, and presenting ( at the least Durva grass), we can impress Lord Ganesha

  • Cleanse your frame: Taking a tub withinside the call of God is stated to scrub away the sins and miseries of existence. It perpetuates happiness, fitness, and wealth, and brings you kids and salvation.
  • Offer white vegetation: Offering white vegetation to the gods brings achievement and fame. You might also provide Jasud or Hibiscus flower, as it's miles taken into consideration very expensive to Lord Ganesha.
  • Offer grass: Offering grass brings the right success, prosperity, and kids.
  • Offer vermilion: Offering Vermilion or Sindoor brings the right fortune.
  • Light incense sticks: Offering incense brings fame.
  • Offer goodies (Laddoo): Offering goodies will assist you to satisfy your desires.
  • Mantra Pushpanjali: Offer vegetation to Lord Ganesha and ask His forgiveness for the errors you've got made.

52. We pray to Lord Ganesha first:

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the primary god of Hindu human beings. According to the perception, each painting ought to start after presenting prayers to Ganesha. Thus, human beings comply with this old-age custom and are seeking the benefits of Lord Ganesha.

53. We can carry out Ganesh puja at home: 

Decorate the region in which you will region the Lord Ganesha. Place the idol on a small timber desk whilst chanting the chant 'Om Ganesha Namah'. Keep the components and services in front of the idol. Begin the puja with the aid of using chanting Ganesh mantras 108 times.

54. Lord Ganesha is so famous and crucial: 

He is broadly revered, greater specifically because of the remover of boundaries; the purchaser of arts and sciences; and the deva of mind and expertise. As the god of beginnings, he's commemorated at the beginning of rites and ceremonies. Ganesha is likewise invoked as a purchaser of letters and mastering at some stage in writing sessions.

55. Types of Lord Ganesha: 

32 Forms in Ganesha Purana. According to Ganesha Purana, Vinayagar is defined in 32 specific paperwork or manifestations, however, Maha Ganapati is the maximum normally worshipped shape. In mild of the Vinayagar Chaturthi celebrations, allow us to check the 32 types of Vinayagar.

56. We can get after Lord Ganesha worship:

Lord Ganesha

  • Regular chanting of Lord Ganesha Mantras improves discipline.
  • It develops a religious lifestyle decreasing fitness issues.
  •  Lord Ganesha Mantras get rid of all styles of boundaries.
  • Increases the potential for paintings. 
  • Improves focus.
  • Makes the thoughts solid and comfortable.
  • Improves studies.
  •  It allows manipulating illnesses and ailments.
  • Provides the potential to stand and remedy problems.
  • Opens the direction of cloth and religious progress.
  • Helps to build up cash and religious merits.
  • Reduces worry withinside the person.
  •  Helps in beginning incomplete and stopped works.
  • Prevents unexpected and sharp shifts in existence.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Has an effective effect on personality.
  • Overall development withinside the excellent of existence.
  • Purifies the thoughts.
  • Deepens meditation.
  • Provides cloth and religious prosperity 

57. Ganesh Chaturthi is Ganesha's birthday: 

Ganesh Jayanti (literally "Ganesha's birthday", additionally referred to as Magha Shukla Chaturthi, Tilkund Chaturthi and Varad Chaturthi is a Hindu competition. This event celebrates the birthday of Ganesha, the lord of expertise.  According to at least one way of life, Ganesh Chaturthi is likewise taken into consideration the birthday of Ganesha.

58. Lord Ganesha continues to be alive: 

He does now no longer die he's everlasting with the aid of using the boon of trimurthies and different Gods after elephant head became jointed to him. He became a divine entity, Ganesha has no existence cycle or loss of life-like humans, animals, plants, or like several avatars of Gods (Krishna, Rama, Hiranyakasyapu, and Hiranyaksa (incarnation of Jaya and Vijaya)

59. The tale of Lord Ganesha: 

Ganesha is the eldest son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. ... Once whilst Goddess Parvati went to take a bath, she took a few turmeric pastes and created a human shape out of it. She then breathed existence into this human shape and as a result, a boy became born. Parvati generic the boy as her son and requested him to defend the primary gates

60. Chanting Lord Ganesha mantra for a higher-end result: 

Lord Ganesha

To begin reciting the Ganesha Mantra, a devotee ought to shower and carry out a few pranayamas. It is really helpful to copy the chant – “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” for a complete mala or 108 times.

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