Simple Birthday wishes for Mom with photo

Simple Birthday Wishes for Mom

Simple Birthday wishes for Mom
Birthday Wishes for Mother with Images: Mother's relationship is the most precious in the world. Mother is very special for everyone, be it human or animal. The mother takes care of her child till the last breath of her life, hence the mother has been given the status of God. In childhood, the mother picks us up from the bed with love in the morning and narrates stories at night
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Simple Birthday wishes for Mom

Simple Birthday wishes for Mom

Simple Birthday wishes for Mom

Simple Birthday wishes for Mom
  • God cannot be everywhere so He created the mother. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!
Simple Birthday wishes for Mom
  • I have never seen God, but I am so sure that he will also be like my mother. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!
Simple Birthday wishes for Mom
  • What can I write to my mother, My mother has written me. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

I can forget everything but not you, you are the only reason for my smile. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

Simple and cute I am the best for you, No matter how old I am, even today, I am your child. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

It was not always easy to handle, but somehow you have always loved me. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

I can forget everything. But not you, mom. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

Of life first teacher mother, first friend mother, life is mother, and the live giver is the mother. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

Blessings have come from your heart on your birthday, never be met with sorrow, never be separated from happiness. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

You are so good, you are so innocent, and you are lovely, Mom. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

This is the world, the garden of thorn; you are a garden of flower, Mom. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

You do not have any happiness or sorrow I smile, you smile, I cried, you cried. You are a sacrifice, My mother. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

Mother is the life of children. They are destined to have mothers, so beautiful, so cool. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

Not only humans but gods have also grown up in your lap
Heaven is under your footsteps in this world
Love was the one who lost your eyes What would be such an idol
O Mother, what will be the appearance of God different from your face, Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

Touch your hands by increasing the heights and you will get to every destination. Happy Birthday, Mom..!!

This day comes, again and again, sing this heart, you live thousands of years, this is my desire. Happy Birthday, Mom.!!

The one who does not have an end is called the universe, whose motherly love has no value, she is called mother. Happy Birthday, Mom...!

You are an angel to me, you are a gift from god. Every sorrow is away when you are together. May this happiness be filled with happiness on your birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom...!

Mother, you are my darling. No one in this whole world is like you, you are the idol of Love. You gave us the gift of life; nothing in this world is bigger than this. Happy Birthday, Mom...!

There is a person who is my life, who is better than my life, my love is God, if you give a command, I will prostrate her, there is no other she is my mother. Happy Birthday Mom

Simple Birthday Wishes for Mother

Simple Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter

Happy Birthday Mom short quotes

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