Best Living Room Colour Combinations Wall Design Images

Best Living Room Colour Combinations Wall Design Images according to Vastu

Lord Ganesha color

According to Vastu, choosing the right colors for the walls of the house is very important. We spend our lives under the shadow of home, which has an impact on our lives. Here in this post, we will give a brief description of home architecture, but our entire attention will be focused on the colors of the walls and the design of the walls.

It has been proved that colors have psychological effects on people. A home is a place where people spend a major part of their life. Some special colors create special emotions in people, so it is very important to balance the colors in the house so that you can live a fresh and healthy life. Let us tell you the complete way to choose colors for the wall according to Vastu. Along with this, it will also tell what things you should keep in mind while choosing these colors.

Colors of your house according to the directions: Since every direction has its own specific color, the owners of the house should follow the basic guidelines written in Vastu Shastra.

  • North-East: Light Blue.
  • East: White or Light Blue.
  • South-East: This direction is associated with fire. Therefore, orange, pink or silver colors can be used to increase energy.
  • North: Green and Pistachio Green.
  • North-West: This direction is associated with the wind. So white, light gray, and cream color is perfect for this.
  • West: This place is of 'Varuna' (water), so blue and white is the best.
  • South-west: peach color, wet clay color, biscuit color, and light brown color.
  • South: Red and Yellow.

Which room should be in which color:

Experts say that every room in your house needs colors according to energy, size, and direction. The people living in the house should keep these things in mind while choosing the colors of the rooms.

Master bedroom: The master bedroom should be in the southwest direction and hence it should be painted blue.

Guest Room / Drawing Room: The guest room/drawing room should be in the northwest direction for the relatives of the household. Therefore, if there is a guest room in this direction, then it should have white color.

Children's room: North-west is the best direction for children who have grown up and go out to study. Since the moon is ruled by the northwest direction, it should be painted white in the children's room located in this direction.

Kitchen: The southeast direction is best for kitchens, so the color of the kitchen walls should be orange or red.

Bathrooms: The northwest direction is best suited for bathrooms and should be painted white.

Hall: Ideally, the hall should be in the North-East or North-West direction and should be painted yellow or white.

Color outside the house: The color outside the house should be according to the owners. White-yellow, off-white, light pink, or orange color is good for people of all zodiac signs.

Puja Ghar: According to Vastu Shastra, the Puja Ghar should face towards North-East to harness maximum sunlight. Yellow is the most suitable color for this part of your home, as it will make the process easier.

Main door/entrance: Use soft colors for the front door, such as white, silver, or wood. According to Vastu, do not use dark colors like black, red, and dark blue. Keep in mind that the main entrance should always rotate clockwise and open inwards.

Study Room: If you have an official home, then according to Vastu, use colors like Green, Blue, Cream, and White. The room looks a bit bigger than light colors. Avoid dark colors as it adds to the gloominess of the place.

Balcony / Veranda:  According to Vastu, the balcony should be in the North or East direction. Make blue, cream, and light shades of green and pink on the balcony. This is where people connect with the outside world. So dark colors should be avoided.

Garage:  According to Vastu, the garage should be in the North West direction. In this, you can make white, yellow, blue, or any other light shade.

Do not forget these colors even at home:

According to experts, light colors are always good. Dark colors like red, brown, gray, and black do not suit everyone. These colors represent fire planets such as Rahu, Saturn, Mars, and the Sun. Red, dark yellow, and black colors should be avoided. Usually, the intensity of these colors is very high. These colors can disturb the energy pattern of your home.

However, if you feel a lack of enthusiasm and warmth in the house, you can make red color in some corners of the house.

The excessive use of red for the bedroom represents fire's energy, which can cause anger in nature.

According to the object, the owners of the house should not be painted excessively white as it increases the ego.

Car parking areas and garages should not darken the color of the owners of the house.

Color representation

Red: Enthusiasm, strength, emotions, and warmth

Blue: beauty, contentment, devotion, truth

Green: Progress, Healthy, Fertile, Prosperity

White: purity, openness, flawless, luxury

Yellow: optimism, openness, study, intelligence

Orange: determination, goals, good health, comfort

Brown: stability, satisfaction, comfort

Purple: Aishwarya, luxury, grace, pride 

According to Vastu, how should the color of the kitchen

The kitchen represents the fire element. So bright colors will be better for the kitchen. You can choose a yellow, bright red or orange color. Hot shades like pink signify love while in the kitchen the brown color goes on as it shows satisfaction. If there are kitchen cabinets, Lemon Yellow shades, Orange or Green will also work better as it will show freshness, health, and positivity. For flooring, apply mosaic, marble, or ceramic tiles. Light shades like beige, white or light brown would also be good for the floor. According to Vastu, kitchen slabs should be available in the best natural stones, including granite and quartz. Orange, yellow, and green colors work well for kitchen countertops.

Vastu tips for wall colors

Choose colors that correspond to your corresponding planet or lucky number. When choosing a color for the bedroom, consult a numerologist.

Green is a favorite color for the north because it is ruled by the planet Mercury. Jupiter is ruled by the North-East direction, so the yellow color is better for the walls of this direction.

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