Wedding Invitation Card Templates to make married life happy

Wedding Invitation Card Templates 

Wedding Invitation Card Templates

Keep these things in mind while designing a Wedding Invitation Card, married life will be happy

Do you know that some important things have been mentioned in Vastu even for wedding Invitation Card, which if followed, the married life of the bride and groom is very good? Here we have tried to illustrate the Wedding Invitation Card design keeping Vaastu in mind.

During the marriage ceremony, we pay great attention to all the small and big things, even the Wedding Invitation Card is also designed with great effort. But do you know that some important things have been mentioned in Vastu even for Wedding Invitation Card, which if followed then the married life of the bride and groom is very good? Vastu takes special care of the Wedding Invitation Card design, its colors, printed letters, and shapes. Know about some such things

Special shapes are selected to create a Wedding Invitation Card

Flowers are considered to be a special means of prosperity in life. In this case, according to Vastu, if the right flower is there, then the lotus flower is considered very auspicious. Therefore, if a small size anywhere on the card is correct, if the lotus flower is printed, it brings simplicity and happiness to the bride and groom's life.

Wedding card lotus

The letters are selected for Wedding Invitation Card

Due to the attractive appearance, people often use any color for other information related to the bride and groom. Which is wrong. According to Vastu, the name of the bride-groom or other relatives should not be written on the card in any dark color or else there is darkness in life in the future. Therefore, try to choose colors that bring positive feelings and positive sentiments.

Photo printing is inappropriate in a Wedding Invitation Card

These cards are usually of no use after handling invitations and organizing events. Some people throw them in the garbage or in the trash in such a situation. If there are only words on them, then there is no harm. But nowadays, as the trend is to have the bride-groom photo printed on the invitation when these are thrown, then the condition of these pictures becomes bad, it should not happen. According to Vastu, using only words on them is considered auspicious.

Choose good colors for Wedding Invitation Card

It is often heard that dark colors should not be used in any auspicious work other than marriage. They are considered inauspicious. Especially blue, purple, off-white, gray, and black. The reason for this is a sign of negative attitude and hindrance in actions. Therefore, they are not considered auspicious. Green and yellow are considered best in their place. Also, the red color is useful in good works. In such a situation, a card of green, yellow or red color can be selected.

Positive in every way for Wedding Invitation Card

According to Vastu, the size of the invitation letter should neither be too big nor too small. Also, keep in mind that it should not be too zigzagged. With this, make it as simple as you can. This will make the life of bride and groom in the future easy. The shape of the card is considered to be associated with the bride-groom idea. So keep the shape so that the idea can be briefly understood by the front. Larger cards may indicate differing views.

Here we have tried to illustrate the wedding card design keeping Vastu in mind. From here you can give a real look by choosing a wedding card image.

Wedding Invitation Card Sample

Wedding card envelop

Wedding card cover

Wedding card leaf

Wedding Invitation Card Template Indian

Wedding card front

Wedding card inner

Wedding card front

Wedding card inner

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