Various attractive wall design images for your home

Ideas to make your home's wall attractive for your happy living life through wall design images

Lord Ganesha

A house may have the following types of rooms whose walls may cover various decorative materials (wallpaper, wood, wooden board, concert layer, cement board, fiberboard, vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, POP, etc.), here in this post we are trying to decorate the walls with wall designs according to the respective room as Living Room/Drawing Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room, Guest Room, Bathroom, Hall Room, lobby, Game Room, Basement, Home Office, Nursery, Play Room, Library, Storage Room, Gym Room, boundary wall. This post is focused completely on wall design, here it is tried to make you know the wall designs pictorially for your good choice. All wall designs are for positivity and happiness in your house.  

Wall Design for Living Room/Drawing Room  

This is the most perfect room for talks and gossip. From sitting here, watching TV and other means of entertainment are used. The plans for tomorrow are also determined from the meeting room itself. When a guest comes, he is made to sit in this room. According to Vastu, many problems can be avoided by having a living room.   


Wall design for Bedroom  

The bedroom is a very important place in the house. It is often seen that despite all the deprivations in many houses, the married life goes well, while there are many such houses, where even after having a lot of luxuries, there is an atmosphere of discord over small things. For the life of the newly married couple to be happy, their bedroom wall must be as decorated that can give you happiness. So, start by selecting the designs for your bedroom wall.  

Wall design for Kitchen   

If it is about the kitchen, then every woman has a deep relationship with it. Not only food is cooked here, but happiness is cooked and this happiness reaches the members of the house only when you are in a good mood while cooking. In such a situation, how can the decoration of the kitchen be not ignored? So, wall designs are provided here which can help you to decorate your kitchen wall, these all-wall designs enhance your happiness in the kitchen  

Wall design for Dining Room   

Often people do not pay attention to the dining room while building a house. Most of the houses do not even have a dining room. Often the kitchen itself is made so big that people eat food there. Or else it is made a dining area by putting a partition in the hall itself. It is important to follow the rules of Vastu for the dining room so that when your family members sit there and eat food, it will have a positive effect on the family. Here some wall designs have been suggested that may feel positivity in you.  

Wall design for Guest Room  

'Atithi Devo Bhava 'means guest is worshiped like God, In Indian culture, the guest has been given the status of God. Therefore, it has been our tradition to welcome the guest. This practice, which has been going on since ancient times, continues even today. Whenever any guest comes into the house, we leave no stone unturned in their hospitality, taking care of their likes and dislikes. So, the wall of the guest room should be in such a way that can please the guest and he can feel comfortable.  

You can select a wall design for the guest room’s wall from here we brought many walls design for your guest room.  


Wall design for Bathroom  

Our day starts with the bathroom and ends there. It is the most important part of our home hence; it is an important part of our life. In this article, you will know how to make bathroom wall designs so that you can spend your whole day happy and energetic. In the bathroom Water consumption is high so ceramic and vitrified designer tiles can the best choice, you can get them customized according to your selected design. Here I have been designing a lot, you can choose and select from here. 

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