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Interesting and important facts for a successful Logo Design  

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Things to keep in mind for a good logo and interesting facts related to them which will promote any brand.   

How to have a good, effective and successful logo? Have you ever noticed why their logo is so important for any brand or why they have to do re-branding at times? The logo for any company or entity is their special identity through which they establish themselves among the common people. In such a situation, the question arises that what elements should be included in a successful logo.  

Here, we have tried to create a successful logo design for your brand by keeping the following important points in mind. Here you will get to see many types of logos, you can choose any one of them and get it amended.   

For a successful logo we, definitely consider and implement the following points.  

1. Scalability of Logo Design    

Whatever size the logo is – it should always be visible  

We may have to use our logo of any size anywhere. Therefore, keep its outline the same, which can be easily seen and recognized even if it is enlarged or small. For example, the favicon shown in our browser is only 16×16 px, for the icon on the desktop we need 32×32 px, etc. For this look at the different size example given below and see how it looks distinct in all sizes.  

Keep in mind that our logo should not contain lines or shapes that may or may not be visible at all when the logo is scaled down.  

Additional Facts: Newton was shown sitting under an apple tree in the first logo of the Apple company. The logo was interesting but had to be changed later because it looked ambiguous when it was shortened.  

2. Reproducibility of Logo Design

Wherever a good logo is made from any material or object, it should be completely recognizable  

For example, consider the logo of a vehicle company, whether it is made of metal or has a sticker, it is easily recognizable. At the same time, take a look at the logo of any apparel company. Whether it is made by embroidery or screen printing, we can easily identify it. Remember the name printed on the chocolate too! Even if it has to be carved on stone, then it should be identified. For this, we should keep in mind that the logo is easily recognizable even in monotone color.  

Metal, Apparel, Cardboard, Plastic, etc. – A good logo can be engraved on all surfaces  

If our logo is to be seen only and only on the computer screen, then we can fill in countless colors in it, but the duotone or monotone logo is correct to use in the above place. We should keep in mind that by reducing the number of colors used, there should not be any change in the original appearance of the logo. We have the following example:   

Monotone logo reproducibility  

If the logo maintains its identity even in limited colors, then it can emerge on any surface.  

The biggest challenge in front of a big company is to have a single logo that is visible on their original product, website, and other novelties of the company (such as employee t-shirts, coffee mugs, letter pads, etc.). Hence the above point is important.  

Additional Facts: The company name or logo is usually laser engraved on our mobile, laptop, tablet, power tools, etc. In this work, only a 'monotone logo' is required.  

3. Avoiding stock logos or using these as a reference  

Originality and a single image - this is an integral part of any logo  

We get the logo or related material on the Internet for free. But we are not the only ones to download it. What would we do if some other person has also chosen the logo of his company with the same shape?   

Our logo must be original. So, avoid any synonyms or similar shapes. If possible, you can also take the help of a professional designer for this. This is also a kind of investment which gives a brand image to our unit. Can follow (with a lot of variation), never imitate.   

If you like any of these logos, then you can use them as a reference and get them changed with the help of the designer.  

4. Only figure or only name or figure + name Logo

It's up to you what kind of logo you want and where you want to use it  

Types of Logo design  

Apple mere figure, Sony mere name, and Facebook both  

Image Logo Design: This happens with large and established brands that can also work with a mere shape – such as Apple. It is so famous that people know its name only after seeing them. You must have seen on their mobile or laptop that there is only a logo instead of a name.   

Name or Text or Textual Logo Design: It looks simple but with special font and typography it can be shown completely differently which can become a brand identity. We notice the logos of Sony, Panasonic, Coca Cola, etc. how it looks completely different even without any other shape. At some places, they are given such a form that it looks like the shapes made of words. Creative thinking is required!  

Shape + Name (Image plus Name or Hybrid Logo Design): It can also be called a hybrid logo where one can use either of the two as per the available space once the brand is established.  For example, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc.   

Additional Facts: Many companies use logos as well as mascots which are displayed in different postures and applied to a specific presentation. Like 'Maharaja' of Indian Airlines, 'Bholu' of Indian Railways, 'Penguin/Tux' of Linux, etc.  

5. The subtle meaning is hidden in the Logo Design

With original motifs, if your logo has any meaning it will make an impact.  

Sometimes people also include some hidden meaning in the logo which says something about that company or entity related to it. So, it looks more effective.  

Sony Vaio logo meaning  

Esoteric and subtle - is synonymous with many famous people 

like …  

Apple: The shape of a cut apple in its logo is reportedly a tribute to Allan Turing. According to other sources, it is also related to the story of Adam and Eve where the apple which is eaten is a symbol of knowledge.  

FedEx: The shape between thee and the x is like an arrow, which is a symbol of always moving forward.  

Amazon: This smile of arrow shape has gone from a to z which means we have all the items available here (a to z).  

Additional Fact: Many companies use 'ambigram' mode for the logo which makes it more interesting. The specialty of such people is that they look the same even when they are looked at upside down. Like Sun Microsystem, New Man, etc.  

6. Logo Design Color  

Any color is indicative of attitude, ideal, principle, etc. - Use it appropriately  

The choice of colors for the logo is also extremely important. As we know that all colors are indicative of some mood or state of mind.  

For example, red indicates energy, yellow is optimism, green is environmental, etc. You should choose it or give it priority according to the basic mantra of your establishment or company.   

Additional fact: The logo can be of any color, but it must be seen by making it completely black. Read point number 2 again to know the reason.  

7. Logo Design should be an unforgettable figure  

Pictorial memory plays an important role in the human brain when it comes to memory.   

Keep the shape of your logo in such a way that it is often remembered and can be recognized when seen later. And if anyone can tell it by speaking or giving its details, then this is the second success which establishes it as a memorable figure among the common people.   

Pizza hut transparent logo  

Red Hat Restaurant logo

For example, Mitsubishi company's pen was very popular in our class at one time. But hardly anyone could pronounce its name correctly. But seeing its people, the children would have understood that it is a pen of such a brand – the one with 'three cones'!  

It also happens with many foreign brands that people either do not read their names correctly or do not know their correct pronunciation. In such a situation, the same shape of the logo or brand comes as an identity. Whether it's Volkswagen, BMV. (BMW), Nike, Deutsche Bank, Wahwei, etc. Why not!  

You can forget names, pictures are remembered. This is called pictorial memory, which stays in our consciousness for a long time. Therefore, keep this element in mind in your logo. Try to make it simple and unforgettable.  

Additional facts: If you read something at a rapid pace, then here you are identifying the words by a particular shape. This is again a game of pictorial memory that unconsciously helps us.  

And finally …  

Don't think of people as mere shapes made with horizontal lines. It is an integral part of your brand, which should be made or made very thoughtfully.  

Questions and answers related to the article or give your feedback in the comment box below!  

Disclaimer: The logos shown are the property of their respective brands, all rights reserved with the respective company. This post has presented it here for example and does not encourage copyright infringement at all. 

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