Normal House Front Elevation Design idea with images

Normal House Front Elevation Design

Front elevation design

The design of the height is of great importance in the architecture of a house. Designing the height of a home can be a fairly complex process, involving choices with regards to materials, features, colors, and architectural themes. The exterior of a house, especially the walls, forms the first impression about a structure. We look at common house front elevation designs you can consider. 

How To design Elevation or Home Front Design? 

The height of the house reflects architectural drawings, showing what a house would look like from specific angles. Architects should study elevation designs in previous projects and use their experience to optimize the design of the front of the house. A thoughtfully designed elevation design ensures ample sunlight, blocks excessive noise, and maintains building temperature while reducing energy consumption. It is also necessary to ensure harmony between the various elements that design the height of the building. 

Front Elevation Design with Tiles 

Rock textures are very popular for home exteriors and elevation tiles are also available in these textures which are attractive and stylish. You can also opt for multicolored brick patterned tiles to give a classy look to your home. 

Wood tiles bring a simple, yet, classy appearance and are a good alternative to real wood planks that are prone to damage. Wood tiles, on the other hand, with their range of designs and patterns, give you ample options for styling your home. 

Front Elevation Design with Bricks 

This modern brick and glass façade, with its reddish-brown color, rough texture, and elegant design, can be an excellent choice to bring back the magic of bygone eras with a modern twist. 

Bricks come in a variety of styles and colors. Warm tone brick, like shades of gray, with the addition of glass and concrete, is a reflection of the contemporary façade design. 

Front elevation design with Stone 

Stone cladding is another option if you want to give a natural and attractive look to your home. From the classic gray look to the sandstone effect, there are various design options available. The natural stone contains substances such as silicates and calcium and provides effective protection for exterior walls. 

This flawless stone siding, with finely cut stone pieces, can be one of the ways to upgrade the exterior walls of your home. 

Front Elevation Design with Wood 

These reddish-brown wood panels look refreshing. Enhance the beauty of your home with this classic contemporary wooden height design. 

Here is another stunning horizontal wooden panel height design. Contrasting white colors give a modern look to the house. 

Color combinations for Front Elevation Design

Dark Blue and Blue-White 

This inspiring color combination can be a perfect choice for the front elevation design of a home, especially a villa. Choose a blue-and-white elevation tile design for the walls, with a contrasting dark blue color for the ceiling. Combine this theme with classic wooden doors and windows to enhance the aesthetic appeal. 

Maroon and Cream 

Red colors, especially maroon, are the preferred choice for brick walls. Instead of a full red brick elevation design for the exteriors, you can divide the look by choosing red for the upper portion and cream-colored tile or bricks for the lower portion. 

Charcoal Gray and White 

If a contemporary design is what you are looking for, then the best front elevation design should have the right mix of gray and white. 

Yellow and White 

Yellow is the ideal color choice to make the exterior look of a home welcoming and visually pleasing. While dark yellow shades are quite popular, you can always go for subtle shades without being too dramatic for elevation design

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