Wedding Invitation text message with beautiful images

Wedding Invitation text message

Wedding Invitation text message

In today's new era, people also send wedding invitations online to each other because it has become the easiest way to communicate with people. But this does not mean that you still will not be able to send that unique and wonderful message.

We have brought you one of the best collections to send messages to your friends, relatives, and family through WhatsApp and invite them to your wedding. Our Wedding invitation collection of SMS  is made with a selected and best message portrayed with images.

In this wedding invitation SMS collection, we have brought for you wedding invitation SMS WhatsApp messages, wedding invitation SMS new, traditional wedding invitation SMS, child message

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A flower-filled courtyard, a courtyard full of joy,
There will be a shortage, complete it with you and make it your arrival.
You are welcome!

In the coming time, your association with us will be a blessing to us,
Come to our wedding and give your blessings!

In the new beginning of our life,
Being present in marriage,
Please bless us with our parents!

2 hearts, 2 lives are going to be one,
And without you, it will not be complete,
Come to our wedding and give your blessings!

Fill the auspicious occasion of our marriage with your love and blessings. Welcome to our happiness! "

“May the couple always be happy with the blessings of God, be a friend to this sacred bond. We warmly welcome you! "

I am sending you a lot of blessings for my love and happy partner, I hope this is a special occasion, it is a big truth, which will give you loving life and you will be entered into a happy life. ”

"We are calling some people to a feast… On the occasion, we will be very happy if you will join us"

It will be an honor for us to be present at our wedding ceremony. We would be very happy if you come to the wedding and give us a chance to serve.

(Groom's name) and (bridegroom's name) request that you bless us by giving your presence and blessings at (the place of) their wedding appearance (date)!

We will be happy to consider your presence as the grace of the wedding ceremony of our daughter (Name) (groom's name), it will be held on (date) at the wedding (venue). Therefore, you will definitely wait for the ceremony. Thank you

We are very happy to announce the wedding date of our beloved son. We hope to be present at your wedding as she exchanges wedding vows.

(Names of the bride and groom's parents) and (the names of the bridegroom's parents) families cordially request your presence at the traditional wedding ceremony of their children. It is held on (date) in the wedding ceremony (venue) Will happen. We request you to join in the wedding and increase the elegance of the wedding.

There are some moments in life that are very important. For me, marriage is the most important moment in life. Therefore, I invite you to join me in my wedding ceremony i.e. my close friend.

We expect you to give us affectionate blessings during this holy wedding. You are invited along with all your family members.

We expect you to be present at this wedding ceremony along with your entire family. We invite you to come to the family in this marriage.

The real happiness of marriage comes from meeting everyone together, our happiness will remain incomplete without you, so come to the wedding and increase our happiness.

Wedding couples become the top, but they get blessings here of their loved ones, grow, attend the wedding ceremony and give blessings to the bride and groom. Thank you

After many years the wedding ceremony is coming to our house, you have to be present at this wedding. We will surely share happiness together!

You are cordially invited to the beautiful ceremony of my wedding. We want your presence during the solemn occasion of the wedding. Thank you

my dear friend! I could not forget to invite you to my wedding. I invite you to come to the wedding wholeheartedly, I sincerely hope that you will give me the honor to attend my wedding.

Marriage is such a festival, where the groom together blesses the bride with a happy life, we will wait for your blessings.

Your marriage will be full of happiness, so be present at the wedding and increase the beauty of the marriage, the family will attend the wedding.

Let us unite once again and share happiness in this wedding ceremony. Your presence will make this marriage more special!

Marriage is a beautiful day of life,
We want to share it with you.
Join us and join us in happiness!

There is a union of two hearts, a confluence of love,
There is a small feast, there is a lot of happiness.
Welcome to our happiness!

We are very fortunate to have met each other. Some people spend their whole life seeking true love, and some people have it but do not get the privilege to express it. In marriage, we are celebrating our love with our family and friends. Please join in this too.

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