Placing the picture, painting or Idol in the house according to Vastu shastra

Which picture should be placed in which direction the house according to Vastu shastra?

lord ganesha

By putting pictures, paintings, or idols in the houses, the house looks beautiful. But very few people know that the effect of the picture placed in the house also affects our life. 
There are many people whose house conditions are not according to Vastu Shastra. But the break of this problem is also in Vastu Shastra. And this is the break of the photo/pictures. Let us know which types of pictures can be removed by putting them in the house. 
Applying beautiful pictures, paintings, bell-boots, carvings inside and outside the house not only enhances beauty but also removes Vastu defects. According to Vastu Shastra, only pictures that generate makeup, humor, and calm juice should be installed in the house: 
Nowadays people use things like decorative items, showpieces, paintings, and photo frames to decorate the house. Some people decorate the house by taking care of Vastu. For the communication of positive energy in the house, people decorate according to Vastu beliefs in the color of the walls, kitchen Vastu and dry room, but it is especially important to decorate the showpieces, paintings, and photo frames in the house according to Vastu. Is. Today we will tell you that according to Vastu, in which direction the painting, photo frame will be kept, happiness and peace will remain in the house. 
According to Vastu, paint like this 
Putting the pictures given below on the wall of your house gives very auspicious results, so read this article completely and get complete information about the pictures to be placed in the house.

1. Idol or photo of Lord Ganesha

According to Vastu Shastra, if there is any kind of Vastu defect in your home or office, then to remove it, you can put an idol or photo of Lord Ganesha, the obstacle in any part. While placing the idol or picture, only keep in mind that the face of Ganesh Ji should not be in the south direction or southeast angle, or else it can have the opposite effect.

2. Photo of the Rising Sun 

The importance of putting a picture of the rising sun in the house has been mentioned in Vastu Shastra. By placing the picture of the sun in the east direction, positive energy keeps coming into the house because the sun is considered as the factor of positive energy. By placing the picture of the rising sun in the east, the relations between the family members start improving. The fame, honor, and respect of the family members increases. The head of the house has many benefits, that is why we should put a picture of the rising sun in the east direction of the house.

3. Seven Horses Running 

Putting the picture of seven running horses on the wall increases business. Whatever work is stuck, they get completed. Man achieves great achievements in life. If we put the picture of seven running horses in our office, then it will also be considered particularly good for good progress because the horse is very energetic. That is why we must put the picture of a running horse in our home and office.


4. Photograph of all the members of the household 

You should put such a photo in your house in which all the members of the house are there. Just while putting the photo, keep in mind that all the members should be smiling in the photo. Seeing the picture of a smiling face, again and again, makes a great impression on us. Our face keeps smiling all the time. This photo eliminates the negativity inside us. By putting the photo of a happy family on the wall of your house, you can also stop the frequent discord in your house. By putting this photo at home, the relationship between the family members becomes deeper. For this reason, we must put a picture of a happy family on the wall of our house.


5. Photo of a swan in the guest room 

You must put a photo of a swan in your guest room. The swan is a symbol of prosperity. There is never any lack of prosperity and fame in the houses where there is a photo of a swan. It is often seen that people put the photo of a swan anywhere. Friends, you guys should never do this. The photo of the swan should be kept in the guest room only.


6. Picture of Kubera or Lakshmi 

In today's time, everyone wants to keep Lakshmi with them. Wants to invite you to his house. This is possible only when you place the photo of Lakshmi and Kuber in the right direction in your house. Now we know which direction is considered right for Lakshmi and Kuber. Friends, the north direction is considered to be the direction of Lakshmi or Kuber. And according to Vastu Shastra, Kuber and Maa Lakshmi enter the house from the north. That is why we should put his photo on the wall in the north direction.


7. Photo of Buddha and Mahavir 

Mental peace is important for every person. To increase the mental peace of the members of the house, we should put a picture of Buddha and Mahavir in yoga posture in our house. Yoga is the only means which can increase our mental peace. And when we repeatedly see the picture on the wall of Buddha in a yoga posture, our mental state will get cool.


8. Picture of Ram Darbar 

It is considered absolute best to put the picture of Ram Darbar in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, the picture of Ram's court increases the affection between the family members and love increases between them. People should put the picture of Ram Darbar in the drawing-room of their house or in such a place where all the family members gather.


9. Picture of Child Krishna with Mata Yashoda 

Putting a picture of child Krishna with mother Yashoda in the house increases the affection between mother and son. It is considered auspicious to put this picture in the room of a pregnant woman as well.


10. Photo of Fragrant Flowers 

By putting the picture of fragrant flowers in the room of husband and wife in the house, the relationship between them deepens. People do not consider it particularly good to put this picture in the room of husband and wife, but this is a wrong notion. By keeping a picture of fragrant flowers or flowers in the bedroom, sleep is particularly good, due to which the health of the family members remains particularly good.

11. Picture of Mata Annapurna 

There is never any shortage of food in the house by putting the picture of Mother Annapurna in the kitchen. Because Mother Annapurna is considered the giver of food. When any person worships or meditates on Mother Annapurna by putting a photo of her in her house, then the mother is incredibly happy on that person and there is never a shortage of food in her house.


 12. Picture of Radha Krishna 

Putting the picture of Radha Krishna in the house increases the love between husband and wife. The sweetness comes in the relationship of both because Radha Krishna is considered as a sign of true love. How did you like the information was given by us, do not forget to tell us in the comment box?


13. The pictures of children  

The pictures of children smiling and flowering are a symbol of vitality. Place them on the eastern and northern walls.


14. Photos of Lakshmi and Kuber  

Photos of Lakshmi and Kuber should also be placed in the north direction. There is a possibility of making money by doing this.


15. Pictures of greenery or forest

The element of the southeast corner of the house is wood and this direction is related to wealth and property. Putting pictures of greenery or forest in this direction increases wealth and wealth. Mountains etc. can be planted with natural scenes.

16. Pictures of rivers-waterfalls

Pictures of rivers-waterfalls etc. can be placed in the north and east direction. 

17. Picture of a joint family

The northeast corner of the house is related to family relationships. Putting a picture of a joint family drawn in a happy posture in this direction strengthens the hold of relationships and intensifies mutual love.

18. Picture of children

The east direction of the house is related to children and creativity. By putting a picture of children in this direction, children are faster in studies and their future is also bright.

19. Picture of a mountain

People who feel helpless and lonely put a picture of a mountain or mountain on the back of their chair, it gives them support.

20. picture of a running horse

According to Vastu Shastra, if you put a picture of a running horse in your home or office, it gives speed to your work. Running horses are symbols of success, progress, and strength. Especially 7 running horses are considered to be an indicator of the progress of business because according to the scriptures 7 numbers are universal, natural.

21. Picture of the family members

The picture of the family members should be placed in the North, East, and North-East directions. By doing this, love remains between the members of the family, and happiness comes into the house. Apart from this, it is considered inauspicious to put pictures of the members of the house in any other direction. It is considered correct to place the picture of the dead family members in the south, west, and south-west direction of the house.


22. Picture of Mother Annapurna

It is considered auspicious to have the picture of Mother Annapurna in the kitchen, but if the kitchen is not at the igneous angle, then place the picture of the sages.

23. Om, Swastik

If you want to put Om, Swastik, or any other auspicious sign in the house, then put it in the east direction of the northeast room.

24. Children's pictures and landscapes

It is considered auspicious to place children's pictures and landscapes like paintings or photographs in the west direction.

25. Photo or painting of the newly married couple

By placing a photo or painting of the newly married couple in the north direction or north-south corner of the room, love increases in the relationship. This strengthens the relationship between husband and wife.

26. Picture of a living/dead person

According to Vastu, the picture of a living person should be placed in the west direction and the photo of a dead person should be placed in the south.

27- Do not place natural scenes with blue color, water, or snow in the south direction of the house, because the element of this direction is fire and water destroys fire, which does not bring fame. 28. Do not put pictures of war and violence or paintings of wild animals in the house, it creates bitterness in mutual relationships. Putting such pictures in the house leads to quarrels between mother-in-law and husband and wife. 29. The picture of a desolate city, ruins, deserted scene, dry rivers, dry lakes, violent war, weapons, Mahabharata, tiger, lion, crow, owl, bear, eagle, vulture, or desert should not be kept in the house. Due to this, there is unrest in the house and there may be quarrels among the family members. 30. Don't put pictures of the setting sun, sinking ships, war scenes, and battles in the house. This increases discord in the house. Disclaimer: The information is given in this article is based on assumptions and does not endorse this site. Consult experts before implementing.


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