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Whether or not to spend on false ceilings is still the question on the minds of many homeowners. 

Many homeowners believe that false ceilings are just a matter of design and nothing else. What other benefits are they getting? 

So first let us understand what is the false ceiling? 

A false ceiling as the name suggests is the suspended or secondary ceiling under your RCC ceiling, also known as a drop/fall ceiling. 

False ceilings are created by aluminum framing in a square pattern where the gypsum board fits in and then is finished with paint or wallpaper.



Installing a false ceiling reduces the height of your room from 4 inches to 8 inches from the existing RCC ceiling. If the height of your rooms is already less, then you might need a second thought on the decision of going for it. 

Now it is an argument as it is a matter of money. 

Homeowners are spending thousands of rupees for each and every square foot and here they are spending money to reduce the height of their room which definitely makes them think.

Why do you need a False Ceiling? 

Here are some advantages of a False Ceiling

  • 1. The false ceiling acts as an insulation layer in the room.
  • 2. The false ceiling hides the electrical wires inside 
  • 3. The false ceiling helps to create ambiance in your room by using indirect lights. 
  • 4. The false ceiling gives a shape to your room. 
  • 5. The false ceiling also helps to hide your uneven ceiling, leaks, and cracks. 
  • 6. The false ceiling saves energy on such (air-conditioned) bills. 

There are many options for false ceilings. We are going to talk about some false ceiling below which is quite popular. 

Gypsum False Ceiling 

In today's time, gypsum is used the most in false ceilings. Apart from being very light, it is fire resistant. It is generally available in a foot 6*4 size sheet, it is very easy to install, and takes very less time for installation, dust, etc. It is very good, due to all these reasons, it has become quite popular in a very short time. 

POP False Ceiling 

The use of POP has been going on for a long time, before the popularity of gypsum, POP was used in most houses. It used to be installed through the channel but now it is available in sheet as well as powder form, it is a bit heavier than gypsum so its size is generally 3*4 feet or more if it works. Comparing it with a gypsum sheet, it is stronger than gypsum and if water comes on it occasionally, it can tolerate POP, but gypsum board cannot tolerate water at all, and gypsum board can come under the influence of water. It can go bad once in a while. By the way, wherever there is a chance of water coming, both gypsum or POP should not be used. 

PVC False Ceiling 

PVC false ceiling is slowly becoming quite popular. This false ceiling is mostly used for Garages, Basements, Kitchen, and Bathroom but nowadays it is being used quite a lot for bedrooms or living rooms also. It is very easy to install and it is also very easy to manage. It is very light and moisture resistant and termite resistant. 

Wood False Ceiling 

The wood ceiling is also being used a lot for false ceiling, it adds to the look of the house, we can use wood ceiling in many different ways, we can use it gypsum, POP false. Can also be used with the ceiling which gives a contrasting look We also use MDF wood a lot in the false ceiling which is deco painted which greatly changes the look of the house which looks very modern it is used PVC false Enough is done with the ceiling too. 

Fiber False Ceiling 

Fiber false ceiling is considered to be the perfect option for a commercial complex because it is available at a high cost and it is very easy to install, it also has many benefits like it is fire resistant, soundproof but it is suitable for a residential house. Not recommended for use. 

glass False Ceiling 

A glass ceiling is also being used in many places, it plays an important role in giving a contrasting look, it is used in hotels, restaurants, libraries, or other commercial complexes but it is used in limited quantity. 

Apart from these, other types of ceilings are being used, but the above false ceilings are mostly used in which Gypsum and POP are used in most the houses, and fiber ceiling is mostly used for commercial complexes if you use gypsum or POP. POP wants to get the false ceiling done but if you are not able to understand what to do, then you can watch the video by clicking on this link so that whatever doubts happen in your mind will be cleared. 

If you want to get the false ceiling done, then you have to take care of some things, then if you want to know all these things you can watch the video by clicking on this link, after watching this, the small mistake that often happens, you can tell it. can avoid 

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